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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  August 31, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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too. keep that many mind as you are driving along the lake front, more gusty out there. 66 degrees. look at the dew point, that is fantastic. 55. that means it is feeling amazing outside. it will continue that is the best part, it is continuing that way all day long. the winds are north 12 miles per hour. just something to keep in mind this morning. notice the radar network, there is nothing on he are good to go. no issues with fog. the wind gusts, well, they were showing up and now they have died down. they were gusting up to 25 miles per hour. make sure, you know, sunglasses are with you. going up to the mid 70s and plenty of sunshine. matt, how is the traffic this morning? >> pretty good. the volume is light and
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dry pavement and light volume and tral times are looking good. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> all right, matt. >> it's been more than two weeks since unrest began in sherman park. crowds clashed with police and more than a half dozen business were set on fire, others were looted. in the last two weeks, the focus has been on hope and healing in th but tim, there was more unrest last night? >> police made ten arrests at 44th and auer, the same intersection where an officer shot and killed sylville smith. that shooting set off the unrest in milwaukee. and last night, police say a crowd of at least 30 people gathered there. police asked them to leave. they eventually arrested ten people for disorderly conduct and resisting an officer. state officials are still investigating the original
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stay with wisn 12 news for the latest on the unrest in sherman park and the recovery. ben, back to you. >> new from overnight, police are investigating a shooting near the sherman park neighborhood. it happened early this morning in the area near 27th and center. police say a man was shot. he is expected to survive. right now police are investigating and searching for the suspect who fired that shot. >> an international group that works to empower kids is heading to sherman park today. thema the live this morning at sherman park and the group is coming, one of many acts bringing positive activity to sherman park. >> well, that is right, ben, as you heard tim talk about the focus on hope and healing here in this neighborhood. here today, the group says their mission is putting kids first and they are doing that here today. the kids first initiative will hand out neckties and scarves
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futures and food and drinks and a tablet giveaway. the kids first worked with 17,000 kids in the last decade. you are seeing soming of the sheriffs here. they are patrolling the park. the orange fencing is up. the park is closed overnight. the kids first event is at 4:00 p.m. today inside of sherman park. >> did you get caught in yesterday's storms? heavy downpours started in the afternoon and all that rain streets flooded and the pressure in storm drains popped manhole covers out of place. thousands of people on milwaukee's south side lost power. a building near 5th and national was struck by lightning. a driver in cudahy got stuck in a drainage ditch. he told wisn 12 news he couldn't tell where the street ended and the ditch began.
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water. >> it literally felt like i was floating in the water with the car. i had semis driving past and throwing more water at me. a little nerve wracking at first. >> a reminder, do not drive through a flooded street. the water may be deeper than you think and you could be in danger. >> happening now, people in a greenfield neighborhood are working to scrub spray paint off of their cars. wisn 12 news' tim elliott has more on how it got there. tim? >> not when you wake and see your car was vandalized. police say two teenagers painted racial slurs and other offensive words on 27 pieces of property, including several cars. it all adds up to tens of thousands of dollars in damage. people in the neighborhood say they're annoyed but know it could have been even worse. >> i was expecting to come out to smashed windows or slashed tires. i'm really thankful it was just spray paint and none of that
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>> police say they don't know why the teenagers went on the vandalism spree. officers went door to door in the neighborhood helping people clean up the mess. ben, back to you. >> thank you, tim. >> president obama changes the lives of two wisconsin men yesterday by commuting their sentences. in all, 111 people's sentences were commuted all for drug-related charges. >> a new berlin man serving time in virginia had 300 months taken off of his sentence. he'll serve 15 years instead of 40. and an evansville man will be released next year more than a year early. >> later today, marquette university will hold a mass ahead of mother teresa's canonization. it starts at noon today on marquette's campus. mother teresa visited the school back in 1981. she was given the university's top honor. more than 10,000 thousand people came to see her. wisn 12 news time now is 5:35. >> a dangerous crash on a highway leads to a dramatic
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the men who stepped in to save a life and how that crash happened in the first place. >> plus, some massive storms moving toward hawaii this morning. this is a look at one of them. we're getting a view of the hurricanes from space. >> but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. thanks for waking up with us on
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hey nice game today. thanks. juicy fruit? sure i'll try a piec.... juicy fruit. so sweet you
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>> well, as you are having your coffee this morning, you are seeing it is looking smashing outside. it is beautiful out there. the sun is creeping along the horizon right now. good morning. there is no rain out there. leave the umbrella at home. the radar is nice and dry. the cold front is well over the east. it is gone. it is cooler air mass left behind to enjoy. it has been hot and toasty here lately. we are feeling mid 60s along the lake.
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bend and waukesha as well. if you are inland today, just know that you are going to be warmer than everyone else. mid to upper 70s for the folks here. along the lake front it is a tad cooler. the temperatures into the low 70s. the dew points are nice and low so taking you hour by hour, the temperatures today as i mentioned into the mid and low s we are going to see plenty of the sunshine. matt has a check on the traffic is morning. >> we have a crash to tell you about on a new york highway, three men jumped into action. the pileup started when a semi's brakes failed. it smashed into several cars, more than one broke out in flames. quick thinking helped save the woman in this car. a bystander grabbed the fire extinguisher from a semi and got the fire under control.
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out to safety. >> three hurricanes are swirling right now, two over the pacific and one in the atlantic. all of them can be seen from the international space station. here's hurricane madeline as seen from space. it is barrelling to hawaii. madeline and lester are approaching hawaii right now, and in the atlantic, there's hurricane gaston. that storm is not expected to hit the u.s. 5:41. let's gegh from across the country. >> a grammy-winning singer in a standoff with police. what led up to the tense encounter with singer chris brown and the trouble he's in this morning. >> plus, storms moving in to florida. that has officials worried about zika virus. why the storms could lead to more cases. those stories and much more when
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>> welcome back.
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morning." wednesday, august 31st. it is 5:44. thanks for waking up with us this morning. it is perfect coffee weather. >> absolutely and donuts too. >> it is always good donut weather. i can eat donuts any time of the day. >> yes. we are seeing the pleasant conditions. you might want the hot coffee this morning. the temperatures are nice and cool for a we have a humidity break. we are seeing the pleasant conditions out here. the radar, you are seeing we don't have any issues out there right now. the temperatures are nice and pleasant. we are sitting near 66 degrees. and that dew point is nice and cool. that is the trend for the next few days. the weekend is looking fantastic. on monday the showers are back in the forecast.
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we see more sunshine by the middle of the afternoon. a couple of clouds lingering on right now and over night tonight. i call it good sleeping weather. the temperatures near 58 degrees. the humidity trend is staying nice and comfortable. matt now has a check on the traffic. >> it is quiet across the roadways. the pavement is light and light volumes. no restrictions in front of you with the road work. right nowra looking great. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. >> a grammy-winning musician in a standoff with police. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is in the newsroom. tim, what can you tell us? >> we're talking about r&b singer chris brown. police in los angeles say he's now out on bail and he'll face charges. this all began early tuesday morning when a woman called police for help.
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police say brown was inside his home in an l.a. suburb and he refused to come out. officers got a search warrant and arrested brown. he's now facing charges for assault with a deadly weapon. this morning he's out on a quarter-million dollar bond. this isn't brown's first run-in with the law. you might remember he was put on probation in 2009 after attacking pop star and then-girlfriend rihanna. ben, back to you. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:47. >> developing this morning wants to fire all six officers involved in the deadly shooting of an african-american teen in 2014. l dashcam video showed 17-year-old laquan mcdonald walking away from police before he was shot. some officers said he lunged at them with a knife. the chief says those officers lied. the officer who fired the fatal shots is also charged with murder. >> new this morning, an illinois lawmaker has an idea to cut down
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sonya harper from chicago wants to require serial numbers on bullets. she says it would help cut down on shootings because it would be easier to track who made and bought the bullets. supporters of the plan say it would take only five seconds to find out where a bullet was sold. >> this is another tool in the toolbox to curtail the havoc that's going on in our community. >> about 20 other states have bills proposing the same thing. the nra opposes the push for serial numbers on bullets. >> turning now to commitment 2016. hillary clinton's campaign is still dealing with the email scandal and this week we'll learn more about it. the fbi says it will release the report on its investigation into clinton's email server. the bureau sent the report to the justice department recommending that no charges be filed. the report could be released as early as today.
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take a look at this. this is a timelapse of a microburst moving through columbus, ohio. it is looking like downtown there too. a microburst is caused by a downdraft within a thunderstorm. what does that mean? >> i was listening to my producer. >> downdraft? >> it is there, the big push coming from the area of the top and plunging and hitting the ground and kicks up the winds up there and see that? it is wild. it is interesting. it takes a lot of energy and force. look at the rainbow at the end. it is extremely hard to predict. you can't look at the thunderstorm on radar and know. >> those are dangerous too? >> yes. they are so interesting. i'm such a weather nerd. >> you are passionate about it
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what is good the cool front from yesterday gave us the storms and the rain and now it is out of here. we are high and dry this morning. nothing to worry about it. it is a little breezy out there. the cold front brought in the cooler and dryer air from the north and west, so that is now settling over the state and that really issue and plus the fact that the skies are clear. you can see, i have been showing this, the flag in sheboygan, it is blowing pretty good. the winds there. it is not calm at blue harbor. the winds are 10-20 miles per hour. the temperatures dipped below
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the dew .55. we have a few leftover clouds, that is it. no more showers or thunderstorms. not much going on here. the clouds are getting out of here. don't forget the shades this morning because you are driving to work and you will being one of these numbers. today it is 74 degrees. it is much cooler than yesterday. tonight great sleeping wea 58. tomorrow morning 58 for the kids returning to school. the week ahead is a dry stretch through the weekend and showers and thunderstorms returning on labor day. ben? >> thank you. >> happening now, officials in florida are bracing for a storm. one of their storm preps is related to zika virus. wisn 12 news' tim elliott is
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>> well, ben, lots of rain is headed to florida. officials want to make sure that extra water doesn't become a breeding ground for zika. officials in tampa are talking to residents about standing water where mosquitos breed. they're also treating the water in ponds and pools to make sure mosquitos won't want to reproduce there. forecasters expect heavy rain later this week in central florida. that's because of a tropical depression that's moving northeast from the gulf of mexico. ben, back to you. >> new this morning, a surfer in florida survived a shark attack. the 25-year-old man is in the hospital. the shark bit his right foot. he's had surgery and will be all right in a few months. the man says he was surfing as usual in about five feet of water when the shark grabbed his foot. the animal bit down then let him go. >> it kind of felt like kicking a wall really hard is a good way to describe it or a wall kicked
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i knew what was going on, it was a big gray bull shark biting my foot. >> this isn't the first shark bite in his family, his brother was bit a few years ago. cumiskey says he can't wait to get back out in the water and start surfing again. >> happening now, it started as a brush fire in california and quickly grew to hundreds of acres. this is being called the bogart fire. it's forced evacuations of homes and a senior center. fire crews are working to there's no word yet on what started this fire. >> new this morning, a canadian woman got a nasty wake up call when a scorpion climbed into her bed and stung her. rachel fox says at first she thought she had rolled over onto a shard of glass but then she saw the scorpion. it was about three inches long and it's not native to vancouver. fox says she was in serious
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luckily, this scorpion was not lethal. she and her roommate managed to kill the scorpion with a frying pan. >> this big black ugly thing that made no sense to me. with its little lobster claws extended and its tail. >> she was like hitting it on the floor and with some serious force. >> the roommates still have no idea how the scorpion got into their home. >> new this morning, a woman is under arrest after a prank got out of hand on the new york subway. the prankster told police that she was trying to send a message about how society treats homeless people. she dressed as a homeless woman and pretended to sell crickets on a subway train. this is a real story, folks. an accomplice knocked the jar of crickets out of her hand sending them flying on the train. the passengers panicked, one pulled the emergency brake. >> initially we thought she was an emotionally disturbed person. we took her to the hospital. she went out and made further statements to the press that she
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people could have had heart attacks, people could have all kinds of issues, emotionally scarred from that. >> the woman says she deserves to face charges because she knows she made a mistake. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:55. still ahead, creepy clowns are sparking a criminal investigation, and what they are accused of doing and why parents are worried. >> kayaking trip in new york ends in a hospital.
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>> save the date iphone users, next wednesday is the product launch event and showing off the next jen rakes iphone, the iphone 7. tim cook will likely announce the official release of ios ten. slow abercrombie and fich to close stores in the u.s. it presents 8% of the stores in the united states. >> jetblue is headed to cuba. they are beginning the flights to the country today. it is the first commercial flight in 50 years. the first flight is taking off
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>> and chiptole is continuing to offer freebies to attract the customers. the company is now offering free kids meals on sunday in september. over the course of the summer, they have offer add loyalty program and perks for students. >> wisn 12 news time now is 5:59. the news continues right now. >> good morning. great to have you with us on "12 news this morning." i'm ben wagner. it is wednesday, august 31st. more arrests in the sherman park neighborhood and the police response to intersection where the officer shot and killed a man two weeks ago. >> less than a month to go for
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learning today. >> first, to the morning commute and the forecast. first we are going to meteorologist lindsey slater. >> it is breezy out there. the winds are north 12 miles per hour. it is 66 degrees. feeling like the low look at that, in the dells it is 59. it is 59 in sheboygan. same thing in west bend. 61 watertown. 63 kenosha. as you are waking up and headed out know that the temperatures are in the 60s. by 8:00 the conditions are cooler than we had yesterday and less humid as well. the highs closer to 75 with


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